You are my top priority. Your happiness and satisfaction are what matters.


I spent an afternoon just being held by Andrew. He is a truly empathetic listener, and gently probed to understand where I was at and what I needed. I felt so deeply seen that I was able to relax and shift my perspective on some heavy issues in my life. My time with him created a bounce in my step, it was a great gift. Andrew is a gift to people who want more intimacy in their lives.


One word for Andrew.... FUN! I still can't believe what ridiculous fun we have together, he helps me feel so relaxed and free that we play like a couple of kids. Haven't felt so much joy in decades. Can't wait to see what we invent next time Andrew :-)”



I was very fortunate to meet Andrew at a retreat in Ecuador. What a blessing this man was.

After just coming out of a thirty year marriage, I was a bit emotionally scarred and felt fear when talking to men.  In fact, I was unable to unless they were married with a partner in tow or gay and therefore not a perceived threat.

The first minute I met him he put me at ease, he was just so easy and fun to be with. Andrew has a very calming accommodating personality with a fantastic sense of humour, and he stays present in the moment. He makes you feel that you are important and worth listening to and he has a way of showing unconditional love and no judgement in every conversation. This was important to me and helped me learn to trust. I always felt completely safe in his presence.

I was lucky enough to travel and explore Ecuador with a small group of people including Andrew, and after being in his space in companionship for a month it wasnt until the last day when we were all returning home to various continents that I realized Andrew had pretty much removed the fear of talking to men.  It happened so subtly and gracefully that I was totally surprised.

I highly recommend Andrew, some people are born to be healing Earth Angels and Andrew is one of them.

Clare Allen



I had a number of sessions working with Andrew to help me understand and transform some of my patterns in Dating. I used to be so desperate for other people's love, attention and validation that I would stay for far too long in relationships that weren't serving me. Andrew has a background in coaching and somatic healing techniques that allowed me to feel safe enough in a man's presence that I was able to look at and heal some of my childhood pains and fears. From my time with Andrew I've developed my self- confidence and love for myself that allows me to be assertive and happy in all my relationships - at work,  with my friends and family, and of course my romantic relationships. 

Thank you Andrew,  you are a relationship saver!



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