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They say life begins at 40…

Up until the age of 40, I had a very conventional life. I grew up in Toronto with old England traditions and values, excelled at racquet sports and sciences, went to university, got a job, got married to my university sweetheart, bought a house and had kids. Life was full.

And then life became overwhelming.

In the year 2000, I crashed. I had impossible expectations for myself, but I didn’t know it. My body said stop! I was prescribed anti-anxiety meds, but went looking for holistic solutions as well. I recognized that the problem was me. The stress was coming from the inside.

My journey of self-discovery had begun.

I slowly found my true self.

Meditation helped me discover my inner peace. Annual Buddhist retreats became a must for 7 years, as well as weekly meditations and even daily practice at times. It helped me become a better father and husband, and inspired me look beyond my conditioned desire to climb the corporate ladder.

During these years of self-discovery, I rediscovered parts of me that wanted to come out and play. Whenever there was an opportunity to perform, I was often the author and director and actor. I loved making people laugh. And it was then that I realized I was not longer in the right profession for the ‘new me’. I was now curious about what made people tick. After recovering from my stress attack, I wanted to help others deal with stress and find more meaning in their lives.

I was finally free to be me.

I spent the next 4 years growing the courage to release my comfy corporate salary and find a new career. I did 2 years of training to become a certified life coach, and worked with businesses on leadership development. Helping people and organizations become healthier was rewarding, and always taught me more about myself and how I wanted to grow. As I discovered my true desires and needs, I continued to cultivate my ideal life. Sadly my marriage did not survive the transition, but in the end this was the best choice for both of us.

I was set free to explore all the adventures that had just been fantasies in my head.

My story, my rules.

The last 7 years have been a fantastic ride of adventure, exploration, and expansion of my human experience and consciousness. I have been intentionally shedding all the conditioning I grew up with that I no longer want. I have deepened my connection with myself, healed more of my wounds, and become a more conscious and connected human with an intimate group of friends. As I continue to grow and expand, my needs are more fully met.

I no longer need to conform to the rules of others in order to feel safe. Now, I’m writing my own rules.

I am now truly a leader of my life, and I want to share that level of freedom and authenticity with you. I’m choosing to lead in the way that I want humans to evolve, with higher levels of authenticity and vulnerability, more self-awareness and self-expression, more emotional range and capacity, more connection to our bodies and nature. I am doing my best to model a new way of being a remarkable human.

I would be happy to share this with you and learn about your curiosities and expansion. The invitation is extended…

Shall we begin on a new journey together?