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Creating a safe place for you to rediscover the beauty of being human with a trustworthy man. My presence, sacred touch, and unconditional love are yours. Together, we can turn your innermost dreams and desires into reality.

Let me hold your hand - and your heart.
Let go. Live. With me, you are free to truly just BE.

With Me…

You’ll find all the benefits of having a boyfriend/husband/partner. All the wonder and joy of having a special someone, without the obligations and downsides that a long-term relationship may entail. Integrating a variety of modalities from my training and experience, I serve you a buffet of delicious options to choose from to match your every desire.



Your ultimate companion, a trusted man in your life. To attend events, help around the home, travel and embark on new adventures together, and share your interests and desires.


Your willing servant, giving you what you’ve been longing for. What you may be missing. Fulfilling your heart’s desires with attention, touch, intimacy, a deeper connection.


Your sounding board, your sympathetic ear, your secret-keeper. Holding space for everything you need to share, with full support and no agenda or judgement.



Your pathway to becoming whole again. Paving the way for you to feel more connected and at ease with men and all people. Helping you develop your confidence and body image, strengthen boundaries, distinguish between intimacy, nudity, sensuality, and sexuality. Heal scars and negative experiences from the past.


Your guide to a new realm of feeling alive. Expanding your experience and capacity for sensation, consciousness, and pleasure. Tell me what piques your curiosity, and let me fulfill your fantasies. Practice the courage muscle to voice your desires and explore your imagination.

When the chemistry is right, almost anything is possible.
Let me earn your trust.

About Me

A discreet middle-aged gentleman who has spent a lifetime helping people heal and grow. A heartfelt collaborator guiding people to step out of their comfort zones, cultivate emotional intelligence, and discover their authentic self-expression. 

I am 6’ tall, athletic, and a true nature lover. Perhaps more importantly, I enjoy the company of others, encouraging them to fulfill their hearts’ desires and live their fullest lives without inhibition or regret. I bring my fun-loving nature to everything I do, and invest my energy in adventures which fill me with pleasure and excitement.

After 25 years of business, parenting, and community leadership, the focus of my last decade has been on  relationships, intimacy. and mind/body integration. Having studied with the Human Awareness Institute and the Center for New Culture, I’ve learned a variety of complimentary modalities including yoga, tantra, massage, meditation, and plant medicines. I am defined by the quality of my relationships and interactions throughout my journey, and use my experiences and privileges to be a genuine, authentic partner in the journey of others. 

Co-creating a new culture of freedom, releasing historical stigma and shame that no longer serves us… and awakening our fullest expression of being human. 

Is it time for a new experience?
Time to heal? To grow?
To get our of your head and become more embodied in mind and soul?
To unfold and blossom in ways you never thought possible?
To have the partnership and support you’ve longed for?
What is your heart curious to explore? You don’t have to do it alone.
I’m here to connect with you. To help explore what we might create together. I am here to satisfy your most innermost dreams and desires.
Hold my hand. I’ll hold your heart.
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One word for Andrew.... FUN! I still can't believe what ridiculous fun we have together, he helps me feel so relaxed and free that we play like a couple of kids. Haven't felt so much joy in decades. Can't wait to see what we invent next time Andrew 🙂